MxPx with Five Iron Frenzy

We're excited to be playing two awesome shows with Five Iron Frenzy in March!

March 13th at the Gothic Theatre in Denver, CO

March 14th at The Showbox in Seattle, WA

Come out and party with us!
Tickets on sale Friday 1/9/15 at 10am.

PxPx Christmas Song 2014, Gimmie Christmas Remix

Merry Christmas! This is for our PXPX community members.. go over to the forum and download this track!

Mike Herrera writes:

Merry Christmas to all my fellow Pxers.

This comes to you on Christmas Eve, and I apologize (better late than never!).
I hope you all enjoy the holidays as much as we here at MxPx do!

I wanted to do something for you in the form of a song this year.

MxPx Digital Video Store

The MxPx Digital Video Store is now open for business!

Check out the full range of titles we have available including two out of print DVDs Both Ends Burning and Triple Threat as well as the complete set of Bootleg Series Videos by MxPx, Arthur, and Tumbledown!
A number of specially discounted video bundles are available as well.

MxPx Digital Video Store

John Nissen on the Pokinatcha Punk Design

John Nissen discusses the creative process behind the iconic Pokinatcha Punk design on his blog..

As a special treat to our fans, John also granted us permission to share the early rough sketch he did that would be developed into the Pokinatcha album cover.

Pokinatcha Rough Sketch by John Nissen

20 Years of Pokinatcha

20 Years of Pokinatcha

Twenty years ago today we released our very first studio album, Pokinatcha! Twenty years! It's hard to even grasp that! We were kids, still in high school, signed to a brand new label, no real idea what was ahead for us. We certainly had no idea that we would be around 20 years and eight studio albums later, still making music and doing what we love: touring the world and making memories with our fans and friends! Pokinatcha put us on the map and while our sound has grown and matured much since then, we can still hear the raw pop-punk MxPx sound on those 21 rough tracks.
One of the greatest enduring legacies from Pokinatcha is our beloved iconic Pokinatcha Punk logo. The Punk, designed by John Nissen has stood with us throughout all of the past 20 years, through various adaptations and reinterpretations. John designed all of the early Punk images — running, jumping, stomping, and skating. He was kind enough to come back and design this very special 20 Years of Pokinatcha logo just for the anniversary. Thank you John for 20 years of the Pokinatcha Punk!
We want to thank also Andy Husted, our original guitarist who recorded this album with us, Aaron Sprinkle for producing it, and Brandon Ebel at Tooth & Nail Records for releasing it. Of course most of all, we want to thank you, the fans for 20 years of music!

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Tour Dates

Event Date Location
03/13/2015 Gothic Theatre
Denver, CO
03/14/2015 The Showbox
Seattle, WA

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