MxPx is an American punk rock band from Bremerton, Washington founded in 1992. The band has skate punk leanings, with connections to pop punk scene.

Groups like New Found Glory and Good Charlotte credit MxPx for helping them get their start, and for many longtime fans, listening to the band was their first time hearing punk music.

They survived the crash of the record industry by reinventing themselves and focusing on what matters most: the fans. After all these years, they’re still here, still touring the world, and making the best music they’ve ever made, hoping to see you at the next punk rawk show!


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Bremerton, WA


Worldwide: Brad Blanco / brad@overeasybooking.com

Web: mxpx.com
Facebook: facebook.com/mxpxpx
Instagram: instagram.com/mxpxpx
YouTube: youtube.com/user/mxpxvideoblog
Twitter: twitter.com/mxpx



2018  Best Life Ep is released

2018 - Self Titled is released

2014 Plans Within Plans is releasd

2013 • Left Coast Punk EP released on vinyl!

2007 • Secret Weapon is released

2005 • Panic is released
2003 • Before Everything & After is released
2002 • Ten Years And Running released
2001 • The Renaissance EP is released
2000 • The Ever Passing Moment is released
1998 • Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo is released
1996 • Life In General is released
Move To Bremerton EP released
1995 • We shoot our FIRST music video - Want Ad!
1994 • Pokinatcha is released by Tooth & Nail Records
MxPx signs with Tooth & Nail Records

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